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A Simple Plan
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A Simple Plan

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Comments (11)

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Billy Bob's character was so authentic. His expression of feeling so raw. He went places he didn't want to go, not sure if it was because he was feeling it was somehow his duty/loyalty (to his brother who is appeared to be dependent on maybe for his survival), or fear, maybe both. Yes ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A good thriller full of suspense. Billy Bob Thornton is simply fabulous. In a way, the story reminded me of Fargo, in less gore. I wonder how this guy Hank always manages to get away with murder (if I may say so)...Why isn't he ever suspected?

Anonymous picture

This is a gut-punch of a morality tale. A domino effect nightmare. One of Sam Raimi's best.

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Sally avatar

If you liked "Fargo" and/or Billy Bob Thornton, I think you'll like this suspenseful tale.

Anonymous picture

well done but harrowing and depressing. but having seen it when it opened, I'm not sure I want to see it again.

Anonymous picture

Billy Bob is da bomb when it comes to acting.

Anonymous picture

clever, well acted ,good tension .
also bleakly tragic, existential, ironic good film but not sure I am glad to have seen it.

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Great film. Captivating!

Anonymous picture

A true rollercoaster ride...well done.