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The whole new world of Geriatric Pharmacology awaits you! It has been estimated that 28% of all hospitalizations in the elderly are due to adverse drug reactions. And right along with that fact it has been estimated that each older patient has 6.5 chronic conditions with an average of 3-5 drugs prescribed to treat each condition. YOU DO THE MATH. Barb will discuss the normal physiologic changes of aging that play a major role in drug absorption, distribution, and excretion. You will learn the most common disastrous drug combinations and how to avoid them--and you will learn what drugs can be substituted, deleted, and/or added to avoid drug-related disasters. How can something as simple as ibuprofen throw an 80-year-old into renal failure? How can a single dose of cimetidine send a 90-year-old into a state of delirium?

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