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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

Never expected the ending - Well worth the time spent!

Anonymous picture

The story was true to the title. It was edited well. This was a decent low budget movie.

Anonymous picture

I don't understand how this script made it into production.

Anonymous picture

Suprisingly predictable. I was amazed at points how transparent this movie was, which is a shame because the first 10 minutes are interesting. Not a bad movie to watch with friends while you all shout irritated questions at the screen, though

Anonymous picture

didn't see the twists coming....
i would watch this again.

Anonymous picture

really great movie was worth the view for any horror/thriller fan!

Anonymous picture

definitely a genre breaker. The acting by the 2 principle actors was really good and it has twists and reveals that were very unique..It is worth a watch..tidy and well paced..