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Obvious Child
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Obvious Child

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

pretty bad movie I bailed at 6.5 minutes

Anonymous picture

I struggled with the first 10 minutes as well, but I think the movie really improves as it goes on. Definitely worth finishing.

Anonymous picture

Enjoyed the film. Nice to see she got support...very important.

Anonymous picture

We lasted less than 7 minutes watching this film out of disgust.

Lindsay avatar

2018 was a strange year in which to watch OBVIOUS CHILD for the first time. After all, in 2018 access to legal abortion was sent further into precarity than ever before, at least in recent memory. For this reason alone, the weight of this film in 2018 is particularly heavy--and I can only ...Read more

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I COMPLETELY disagree with you here.

Anonymous picture

How so?

DIVA avatar

Couldn't watch out of boredom.

Anonymous picture

Very good, truthful re abortion. Main actress excellent.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I watched it because it was A24. I continued to watch it with Buster because it was POETIC. I don't tend to laugh during movies. BUT , the cinematogrpahy here was obviously something that they thought about a lot.

Anonymous picture

Liked a lot! Laughed out loud.

Anonymous picture

Thank you. After the bumpy, teenage start it developed into a real presentation of humanity.

Anonymous picture

Enjoyed this film. Comedy intertwined with a serious subject matter, Well done.