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The Little Hours
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The Little Hours

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Comments (28)

Anonymous picture

Very enjoyable movie! Loved the characters, must be seen without prejudice!

Sharif avatar

This film is laugh-out-loud hilarious. It gives all the respect to religion that religion deserves, which is none.

Anonymous picture

This is a most un-funny film. Don't waste your time.

Sharif avatar

You're so wrong. You probably have no sense of humor.

N avatar

A really funny way to talk about a terrible time in history. This is a ridiculous film. I recommend this movie should be watched with some herbs, sake, and a bit of folly.

Anonymous picture

I got bored after about 10 mins, and I'm someone who rarely turns off a movie without getting to the end, but it's been happening all too often with the Kanopy selections. This had all the hallmarks of a student film. Overdone acting (did we REALLY need all the swearing? I'm not a prude, I ...Read more

alexa avatar

I've never disliked something so much ...

Anonymous picture

Not very good at all. I didn't expect Pasolini, but that was really disappointing.

Anonymous picture

One to watch

Anonymous picture

Great stuff. Highly enjoyable.

Anonymous picture

Kate Micucci's facial expressions alone make this worth watching.

Anonymous picture

Very clever film that shows how people are people in any era. "Nuns who swear", yes, but in a way that makes the characters relatable and enjoyable. Beautiful settings and extremely well-acted. By the way, I'm a Christian and I loved it.

Anonymous picture

Not good

Ariel avatar

I'm a huge fan of dark, deadpan humor so this was right up my alley. Phenomenal casting in my opinion (seriously - Aubrey Plaza, Nick Offerman, Fred Armisen, Dave Franco and John Reilly are all phenomenal for this style of humor). Love that the film was based on Giovanni Boccacio's Decameron ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is a tasteless and simple minded piece of trash. Do not waste your time.

Anonymous picture

interesting that this is set in a plague year yet there is no suggestion of the death to come

Anonymous picture

Stopped watching after 20 minutes. Mediocre script and acting.

Anonymous picture

I really liked it- very funny! For all who panned it, get over yourselves and learn to laugh at your self and see the irony in life! Life is more fun when you can laugh at yourself! :)

orville avatar

I agree Karen. Kind of a Monty Python meets John Waters. Not something to take at all seriously. Just enjoy the occasional punch line.

Anonymous picture

This was hilarious. Very fun to watch.

Anonymous picture

poorly written movie...bad acting...wish I had not wasted my time on this

Anonymous picture

are there any disrespectful movies about the muslim or jewish religions I can view next?

Barb avatar


Anonymous picture

Wow! What contrite junk this was.

Anonymous picture

The least funny part is the "nuns who swear" idea. Fortunately, there's a lot else that's funny in this film. It's also surprisingly beautiful.

Anonymous picture

It was okay, if you follow some of these actors (a lot are known in the cast) they're playing the same role they do in every movie they are in. The story is okay, the ending is happy. I never read 'The Decameron' tales III, 1 and III, 2 so I don't know how it compares in this adaptation.

Anonymous picture

Mind-bending. Funny on one plane; just plain weird on another; and thoughtful and touching on a third. Great performances by all the cast.

Anonymous picture

As one film critic said, ‘a consistently wacky screwball’. A lot of fun to watch.