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An Organization Dedicated to Filming the Police

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Anonymous picture

Powerful documentary that chronicles community members who have taken it upon themselves to watch and video police officers. Following the deaths of Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and other cases. It's amazing how many police were against being filmed. If you don't know, Democracy is loosing ...Read more

DIVA avatar

Kudos to "WE COP WATCH". THANK YOU! Across this nation, they want us to walk away. NEVER!!!

Anonymous picture

Unbelievable Doco. Will be spreading the word to and for Copwatch

Anonymous picture

Rise up against and never stop. Its unfortunate that the socioeconomic plight of these young men that started the organization came in to play. Its what they started, though, that's important. mjf

Anonymous picture

I though that this documentary was extremely eye opening. I think it’s super cool that there are groups who “cop watch” and that it’s an actual thing nowadays. It’s almost kind of sad that copwatching has to be part of our culture.

Anonymous picture

This documentary is simply horrifying. This documentary is a prime example of how corrupt of police system has become. It is sad. I am actually surprised this documentary hasn't gone viral or isn't well known.

Adriaan avatar

I watched with closed captions on and there were some interesting transcriptions of the actual dialogue such as "wrong within the muff" with 11:14 left in the video.

Other than that it is much less explicitly violent than the Youtube channel "PoliceActivity" which publishes body ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I am speechless. The fact that those videos were real and actually were recorded by real people is scary. How can we expect the police to protect us when they actually have bitten those people to death. It was too emotional documentary.