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American Honey
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American Honey

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Comments (8)

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It was a little long as others have stated - but food for thought for sure.

Anonymous picture

Way too long. Sat through the first hour... it was going no where. Selected another movie.

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This is a good piece of Americana. Great acting throughout.

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Anonymous picture

Sad to see so many young people LOST. Riveting...

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

When they said american honey. I didn't think they were going to mean it. When I watched this in my seat, I was jaw dropped. Andrea Arnold is one of the greatest directors of our time and the last.

Anonymous picture

Very original movie about lost youth, left behind on the roadside in modern America. Solid performance throughout, including Elvis' granddaughter Riley Keough. A little longer than it needed to be, but then, sometimes Life feels that way..worth your time. Thank ya, thank ya very much...

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