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20th Century Women
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20th Century Women

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Comments (25)

Steve avatar

Thoroughly enjoyed it, great acting all around. It's a fairly slow and thoughtful movie, so if you're in the mood for a movie that moves along quickly, hitting its marks as it goes, this one's not for you.

Anonymous picture

yup, boring.

Anonymous picture

I'm 51 minutes into it and I have concluded it's overly ambitious and not that entertaining. A few moving moments so far though.

Anonymous picture

I watched in on 2x speed and it was still too long.

Anonymous picture

unbelievably boring

Anonymous picture

Good acting. But for pete's sake was it depressing.

Anonymous picture

The summary stated "comic adventures" in Santa Barbara. There were few to be enjoyed. Yes, fine acting by all & fair writing. Still, far too long & a bit too regional centric to be appreciated by many. Jimmy Carter's speech should have been the climax. Yet, the filmed continued ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I thought Annette Bening was really overacting in this one. And she looked a lot older than the 55 she was supposed to be. Sorry.

Nora avatar

Annette Bening was the selling point and she was as always great. But I could not warm up. I understood the plot, but I found them boring as a group. Nothing original I have met lots of people like that and they bored me also.

Anonymous picture

Since I was an age roughly between Abby & Jamie, I could relate to both of them. And it was a decade in which many couples got divorced, and I thought they played this aspect well, though I don't think we would/could have talked that authentically with each other.

I watched the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Annette Bening great actress. Love her movies. She always so full of fun. Loved the toaster oven in her kitchen. I have one just like it. LOL

Anonymous picture

A movie I want to hug close and never let go. It's so beautiful, heartwarming, tender, funny, and sad. Annette Bening has maybe never been better. Watch it with your mother or a grandparent if possible. You can thank me later. You're welcome.

Anonymous picture

Unrelatable to me and I've enjoyed Ms. Bening in every movie I' ve watched except this one. Exhaling.

Anonymous picture

I've never been much of an Annette Bening fan, but, my god- she deserves an Oscar or more for this film! The depth of emotion flickering over her face was encyclopedic in nature- saying so much! And the rest of the cast was excellent too! Bravo!

Anthony avatar

Amazing, with so much emotional and historical depth. Colorful, great music, and stellar performances to boot.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

The drama here. I can't even turn my chromecast off. I'm still denying that it has to end. Everything has to end.

Anonymous picture

My second time watching this film and so pleased to do so. All the characters were well defined and the music totally rocked. I really wanted all of them to stay in touch in some way. I would have liked to hang out with them for a bit. I really liked this movie.

Anonymous picture

Could have been 30 minutes shorter...

Anonymous picture

1914's Colloquial uniforms(ladies of 20ts) entertainment formed as 20th century wich was one of the major American filming studios from the merger of 1935s Fox Corp located in Century City area in LA. Newly owned by News Corp 84-2013.
Later in 2014 Walt Disney Co. announced it's ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A beautiful piece of filmmaking and an in depth character study thats relatable to all ages. The cast captivates and Crudup continues to be an underused actor even as we approach 2019.

Anonymous picture

Such a beautiful movie with amazing characters. The cast is amazing

Anonymous picture


Thom avatar

What a waste of time.

Anonymous picture

It dragged on, and in the end felt kind of pointless. Annette Bening was wonderful in her role though.

Anonymous picture

I want to be part of this family!